UChicago’s Secret Places

This project began in 2019, but for the life of me I can’t remember exactly what or who sparked my interest in these places. Nonetheless, inspired by a tradition of campus exploration, I have compiled all that I have found, both through research and by my own experience. Presently there are bits and pieces of information scattered around the internet: a blog post here, a reddit comment there, but never a complete archive. Moreover the information that is published online represents only a fraction of all that is known, with even current students having knowledge that is not recorded anywhere.

I personally believe that everyone should be able to find this knowledge if they seek it, and so, out of a sense of my duty to share I will try to keep this website online indefinitely. I do, however, implore you to do as I have done. I have decided to omit my name and the names of others out of respect, but I would encourage anyone who reads this to send me anything relevant: stories, new places, and especially pictures. Email me at uchicagosecretplaces@gmail.com.


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