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UChicago’s Secret Places

This project began in 2019, but for the life of me I can’t remember exactly what or who sparked my interest in these places. Nonetheless, inspired by a tradition of campus exploration, I have compiled all that I have found, both through research and by my own experience. Presently there are bits and pieces of information scattered around the internet: a blog post here, a reddit comment there, but no complete archive. This is my attempt at creating one, so please explore the links up top! I hope you can enjoy exploring as much as I have.

I personally believe that everyone should be able to find this knowledge if they seek it, so I will try to keep this website online indefinitely. I am a current third year but I have decided to keep my name off of this website. I would encourage anyone who reads this to email me stories, new places, pictures, or anything else. Email me at (P.S. I will give guided tours if you ask nicely)

To give you somewhere to start here are my three favorite places to explore, in order.

  1. Harper Memorial Library: By far the most interesting building on campus, largely due to the two layered abandoned basement that extends the whole width of Harper, Wieboldt, and Classics. Also there is the space above the reading room ceiling, and the roof. Getting into the basement can be an adventure, so be sure to check how to get in there.
  2. Ryerson: Like Harper this has both an interesting basement and an interesting roof. The roof is the easiest roof to access and probably the most fun. One of the easier explorations, and also the most popular. On warm weekends you can expect to find other students on the roof.
  3. Classics: The basement as part of the Harper basement is extremely cool, and you can climb into the tower, on the roof, and inside the ceiling. Also has an interesting maintenance room and a connection to Fulton recital hall. A great place to visit in conjunction with the Harper basement.